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Channel 16/21

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Presentation Slide Pricing

Any individual, business, political or other entity can agree to run 6 weeks of advertising at a 10% discounted rate.

* Picture Files are as provided by the customer and unedited. The file may contain text.

Commercial Pricing
    is dependent on:

Public Access Channels

Local content not available through any satellite provider.

Reaching households from the Ohio River in Warsaw to the Licking River in Falmouth.

Advertise on Channel 16 & 21

Channel 16 & 21 logo  Channels 16 & 21 can be viewed in Warsaw, Verona, Crittenden, Sherman, Dry Ridge, Williamstown, Falmouth and outlying areas.

With Williamstown Cable's fine local programming, advertising on Williamstown Cable Channel 16 and Time Warner's Channel 21 can target a regional audience.

Business and non-profits can showcase their products and events with:

To place an ad, contact us at (859)824-3633 or email us.

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