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Williamstown Broadband

Williamstown Broadband offers the Fastest Speeds in Kentucky!
No Limits on your time or use!
No Contracts!


High Speed Internet Service

Tired of your Cincinnati Bell DSL speed not living up to what the phone company promised?

Our slowest speed (20Mbps) is four times as fast as anything DSL can promise!!

Plus, you'll receive the following at no extra charge:

  • 5 Email Accounts
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Micro-Trend Internet Security, Full license
  • Email Spam and Virus Protection
  • No phone line required!



Residents outside of our regular High Speed Internet  service area (Williamstown, Corinth, Mason and New Columbus) who want High Speed Internet……
Ask about our "Skywire" Service!
Wireless High Speed Internet to your home!


We will install an antenna that will be mounted to the exterior of your house. An Ethernet cable will then deliver the decoded signal to your computer inside.

Get Your Service Today

To see what pricing/speed package your residence qualifies for a site test must be scheduled before installment of service.  Site tests are completely free and no access to inside your home is even needed!

Disclaimer: Speeds are listed as only up to and not guaranteed. Site tests must be completed to ensure service before installation.

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