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SkyWire covers most of Grant County and beyond! 

Residents outside of our regular High Speed Internet service area who want High Speed Internet……
Ask about our "Skywire" Service!

If your residence or business is within the highlighted area of the map, call us (859) 824-3633 to schedule a site test.

Site tests are free and you do not have to be home for it!

*Currently not accepting new customers until Summer 2014.

Skywire Coverage Area

A Satellite Alternative

Unlike Satellite Internet,
  • SkyWire works in any weather
  • Unlimited access to the internet

SkyWire is a radio signal that is not impacted by those weather anomalies.

And unlike some services that may disconnect your account after a certain amount of usage, or require you to purchase additional data, you will always have unlimited access to the internet with SkyWire 24-7.


  • $39.95/mo. per modem
  • Guaranteed Speed
    • 768 Kbps download
    • 384 Kbps upload
  • SkyWire modem (internal or external)
    • Purchase with no contract for $450
    • Lease with 1 year contract for $199 down
    • Lease with 2 year contract for $99 down


We will install a relatively small antenna that will be mounted to the exterior of your house, from which a small module (also installed) will be attached. An Ethernet cable will then deliver the decoded signal to your computer inside.

In some instances an Internal modem will be used.

Schedule a Site Test

Terrain, such as steep hills or valleys, may positively or negatively impact your ability to receive the necessary signal strength from a nearby tower. Dense vegetation (specifically, trees) may also affect the signal quality.


Call 859-824-3633 to scheduled a site test!

*Note: pricing and equipment is subject to change, please contact us at (859)824-3633 for updates.

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