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Arris HD Set-Top

The lt DCX525e is an all-digital, MPEG-4 set-top designed to provide high-definition video along with digital sound for the home environment. The DCX525e provides the latest HDMI output, award winning Dolby Digital Plus® audio, and Dolby Volume Leveling.


Key Features:

  • Video Scaling
  • Video-in-Graphics
  • Accelerated 2-D and 3-D graphics
  • Remote and on-screen diagnostics

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Arris 3200 HD MoCA Set-Top

The DCX3200-M P3 utilizes a Video Gateway and Client configuration, as well as numerous other features for improving bandwidth efficiency, to provide high-definition video with Dolby Digital sound and on-demand and interactive services for the home environment.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Room DVR
  • HDTV
  • Tru2way capable platform
  • Audio decode of Dolby
  • Remote and on-screen diagnostics

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Arris 3510-M Set-Top

The DCX3510-M includes the latest audio and
video output, with support for full 1080p60
high‑definition output, HDMI™, award-winning
Dolby® Digital Plus, and Dolby Volume intelligent
multi-channel audio leveling. In addition, the
DCX3510-M features an internal 500 GB hard
drive, which can be expanded to 1 TB or more
using an external disk drive connected to the
set-top’s eSATA interface. The DCX3510-M is
OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP)-capable,
and compatible with Motorola’s DCT legacy
software API set. The DCX3510-M also supports
Motorola’s new software enhancements for
processing 3D video and graphics in the settop
prior to being delivered to a 3D-compatible
television for an exceptional high-quality 3D TV
viewing experience.

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Welcome to i-Guide

i-Guide is an interactive program guide from Rovi and your cable system, now in HD. It
offers you greater choice, convenience, and control to help you fully enjoy your digital cable entertainment experience.
With 90 minutes of program listings at a glance, i-Guide is easy to use and navigate. The Quick Menu provides shortcuts that let you jump directly to popular program categories and key features of i-Guide. You can quickly set recordings, reminders, favorites, parental controls, and closed captioning preferences. The Mini Guide lets you browse future listings while you continue
to watch TV.
This guide provides you with detailed information about important features in i-Guide to help you get started enjoying your digital cable experience.
For details click here.

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